Reviewing Adoption Proceedings Under Family Law In Rochester, MN

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Lawyers

In Minnesota, prospective parents who wish to adopt a child must complete the adoption process. The procedures require the prospective parents to receive an approval from an adoption agency. The assessment includes a criminal background check and a complete review of the parents. A local attorney explains all rights and requirements under Family Law in Rochester MN.

The Application Process

Parents and individuals who wish to adopt a child must submit an application. The process requires the applicant to provide details about their employment, lifestyle, and income. The applicant will answer a questionnaire about the adoption and their aspirations. Once the application is approved the applicant is notified.

Visiting an Adoption Agency

Next, the prospective parents visit an adoption agency to meet with the children. Meet and greets are scheduled for all children of interest. The meeting enables the prospective parents to spend time with each child and make their selection. All children have the right to approve or refuse the adoption. Once the parents find the right child, a caseworker is assigned to complete the remaining steps of the process.

Home Studies and Interviews

Home studies are conducted to evaluate the home of the prospective parents. The caseworker must determine if their home presents the right living environment for the child. He or she also assesses the parents at their home and determines if there are any risks to the child. The interview process allows the caseworker to learn more about the prospective parents.

The Formal Hearing

A formal hearing is scheduled to finalize the adoption. A judge reviews all documentation presented by the adoption agency. The parents determine if the child’s name will be changed. The judge explains the exact responsibilities of the prospective parents and officiates the adoption. At the end of the hearing, the prospective parents become the legal guardians of the child.

In Minnesota, prospective parents complete a complex procedure to become legal guardians. The adoption process requires a complete assessment of the applicants and their home. The state must also determine that the parents have the means to support the child financially. Prospective parents who need help under Family Law in Rochester MN Click Here for more information now.

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