Reviewing Annulment Proceedings In Family Law In Rochester, MN

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Lawyers

In Minnesota, annulments are granted if the petitioner can provide evidence of the grounds used. Typically, petitioners have up to one year to file for an annulment starting on the date of the marriage. A local attorney can provide answers under Family Law in Rochester MN about filing for an annulment.

The Age of the Spouses and Parental Consent

According to the law, minors who are at least sixteen years of age can enter into a marriage as long as they obtain parental consent. Otherwise, the individual must be eighteen years old. The parent and/or either spouse can file for an annulment if it is discovered that either party was underage or didn’t get parental consent.

Impotence and a Failure to Conceive Children

An annulment is possible if either party failed to disclosed vital facts. If a husband is impotent or a wife is unable to conceive a child, their spouse has legal grounds to file for and obtain an annulment. Any detail that could have prevented the marriage from occurring could be used as annulment grounds under family laws.

A Failure to Obtain a Divorce

Grounds for an annulment also include bigamy. Either party can file for an annulment if their spouse is still married to a previous spouse. The petitioner’s attorney must obtain a copy of the defendant’s marriage license and conduct a search for a divorce.

Force or Coercion to Get Married

Any party that can provide evidence that they were forced or coerced into the marriage can obtain an annulment. The petitioner needs a witness that heard the threats or evidence that shows that their spouse blackmailed them to support their claim. Further evidence that shows ongoing threats to remain in the marriage is also useful in proving the petitioner’s claim.

In Minnesota, annulments are filed instead of divorces if the petitioner’s circumstances enable them to file. If an annulment is granted, the marriage is removed from the couple’s record. It is essentially like the marriage never occurred. The parties are required to list the annulment when remarrying in the future. Petitioners who need annulment help under Family Law in Rochester MN can Click Here right now.

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