Reviewing Car Accident Law In Luzerne County, PA

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Lawyers

In Pennsylvania, all auto accidents are handled according to local no-fault laws. Under the laws, the victims must file their own insurance claim for any injuries and property damage. The mandate for auto insurance for the state requires all drivers to have auto liability and personal injury protection coverage. A local attorney can explain how Car Accident Law in Luzerne County PA works.

Statute of Limitations

Under State Code Title 42, Section 5524(2), (3), the auto accident victim has a window of two years to file a claim for any injuries sustained in an automobile accident. The same statute of limitations applies to any claims for property damage.

Are There Limits on Damages?

The state of Pennsylvania doesn’t impose a limit on economic damaged awarded in a standard auto accident claim. However, State Code Section 8553(b) can prevent awards that exceed $250,000 if the lawsuit is filed against the state. A limit of $500,000 is imposed if the claim is filed against a government official.

State Code Title 75, Section 1705(c) (d) outlines limitations for filing a legal claim. Under the law, the victim can only file a lawsuit if they have suffered serious or permanent injuries. Additionally, if it is proven that the victim is guilty of a comparative fault, under Title 42, Section 7102, the victim could lose all rights to financial damages.

What Types of Damages are Available?

There are only two basic types of damaged provided in an accident-related lawsuit. Economic damages include repairs or a replacement for the automobile, all medical costs, and any wages the victim has lost. The second type of damages is non-economic damages that include emotional distress and loss of companionship. The judge or a jury calculates the total value of the damages to which the victim is entitled.

In Pennsylvania, auto accidents in the state are managed according to the current no-fault accident laws. All drivers must carry the appropriate auto insurance policies to cover their expenses and losses. For more serious accidents, victims may have the right to file a legal claim. Victims who need answers about Car Accident Law in Luzerne County PA can Visit the website today. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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