Reviewing Details With Workers Comp Lawyers In Melbourne, FL

by | May 28, 2020 | Lawyers

In Florida, worker’s compensation insurance is required for all employees who hire more than one worker for their company. The coverage provides medical payments for all treatments required for the worker’s injuries. Monetary benefits are also provided to replace the worker’s wages. Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne, FL assist when workers are denied benefits.

Reasons for the Denial of the Claim

The insurer must provide a reason for any denial of benefits. Typically, a letter is mailed to the claimant to explain the exact reason for any denial of monetary or medical benefits. When starting a legal claim, the worker must provide all letters and documents to their lawyer.

How the Claim was Filed

The claim must start in human resources. Once the worker reports the injury, the HR manager provides them with a claim’s form and sends the worker to the ER or an urgent care facility. The doctor must provide the worker with a medical report. The doctor can give the form back to the worker or submit it to the insurer. The report must be sent to the insurer within ten days. The claim’s adjuster reviews the documentation and determines if the worker qualifies for benefits.

Common Mistakes Made When Filing

Among the most common mistakes when filing a claim is a failure to meet deadlines and inadequate information. The claim’s adjuster needs to know when the worker can return to work. If the worker can perform light duty work, the insurer may disqualify them for monetary benefits, too.

Starting a Legal Claim

The legal claim must be filed before the three-year statute of limitations runs out. If the worker doesn’t meet the deadline, they forfeit their right to sue their employer and their insurer.

In Florida, worker’s compensation insurance provides full payment for the treatment of work-related injuries. The policies also provide wage replacement until the worker can come back to work. If a permanent disability occurs, the insurer provides a settlement based on the worker’s future earnings. Workers who want to start a legal claim contact Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne, FL at Matheson & Horowitz right now.

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