Selecting a Child Custody Attorney: A Brief Guide

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Attorneys

Divorce is an incredibly taxing process, no matter the circumstances. However, your proceedings can quickly grow all the more complicated if you and your ex-spouse share children. Your pending divorce affects not only you but also the young lives you and your ex-spouse have created; as such, the circumstances of your divorce cause tremendous changes for everyone involved. If you’re like most parents, you may worry about how the divorce will affect your ability to see and care for your children.

The good news is that, with the help of a great child custody attorney in Hollywood, FL, you can minimize the level of disruption to your childrens’ lives and ensure your ability to see them on a regular basis. But, first, you must pick out the best attorney for your situation and needs. Here’s what to consider.


While everyone got their start somewhere, a freshly minted child custody attorney in Hollywood, FL has a much more uncertain chance of helping your case go in your favor. That’s why it’s recommended to try and find an attorney who has years’ worth of experience. Be sure to look directly into the level of success of any attorney you consider as well. Remember: the number of years they’ve been in practice don’t necessarily mean they’ve won most of their cases. Look for someone who has both a large amount of “wins” and has been involved in family law for several years.


Any reputable child custody attorney in Hollywood, FL has earned not just a proper degree but remains up to date on family law within the state. Look into when their most recent trial was, and be sure to do a bit of research yourself on the rights available to you as a parent. This will help you to have an engaged and productive conversation on how they can help you.

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