Should You Contact An Accident Lawyer In Canoga Park?

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Lawyers

Whether an individual should contact an accident lawyer in Canoga Park depends on whether they’re at fault. If a person is not at fault and injured, they will need an attorney to protect their rights. The insurance company only worries about protecting their interests and not about the victim suffering from pain and injuries. In addition, the insurance company has a lot of attorneys working on their side and a victim needs to have the same protection.

One thing a victim will be happy to know is a personal injury lawyer will represent them in an accident case without charging them any money from their budget. The attorney receives compensation if they win the case. The percentage can vary and will be discussed during a free consultation. The free consultation is another bonus the victim can receive for their protection in the case.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment as soon as possible after an accident is very important. Failing to receive medical treatment in a timely manner could cause the loss of a case. The insurance company can claim the victim wasn’t injured in the accident and hurt themselves later. Another problem victims run into is they are not receiving the proper medical care to treat their condition. An accident lawyer in Canoga Park will make sure they get to the right doctors.

Inability To Visit A Lawyer

For some individuals, visiting a lawyer is impossible. Their car might be in the shop and they have no rental coverage on their policy. For other folks, their injuries have limited their ability to leave the hospital. An experienced attorney can visit them at the location of their choice. Whether it’s in their home or the hospital, the attorney can be at that location.

Wrongful Death

In severe situations, an individual will pass away from the injuries they received in an accident. An accident lawyer can convert the case to a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party. Normally a spouse, child, parent, or executor can file a case against the negligent party.

If you’ve been injured due to no fault of your own, contact Scott D. Oppenheim Attorneys at Law. They will help you achieve a fair financial settlement and protect your rights.

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