Should You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Lawyers

Claims for personal injury cover a wide gamut of situations and types of accidents. The injury could just as easily been the result of slipping and falling the supermarket as it could be from getting injured in a car accident. All of these types of events, and many more, fall into the category of personal injury.

There are many times when the result of the accident is so insignificant you simply settle with the other party. There are other times however when the seriousness or the circumstances of the accident are such that you will want to see the help of an injury lawyer in Michigan.

When you should hire a lawyer:

If the injury resulted in minor injuries and minor property damage, it is usually easy enough to settle the issue with the other persons insurance. If you feel comfortable in dealing with the insurance adjuster and you are happy with the proposed settlement then fine, there really is no need for the involvement of a lawyer.

What you need to understand though is the insurance companies are supported by experts and they are not in the business of settling for any more than they can get away with. It is important that you are negotiating on a level playing field. This is why you need your expert as well, an injury lawyer in Michigan that will stand up for your rights and negotiate an acceptable settlement.

Expect a larger settlement:

History has shown that an individual that is represented by an injury lawyer will receive a larger settlement than a person that goes it alone. The situation can quickly become complicated depending a great deal on the specifics of the situation. What would you do for example if the driver than ran into the rear of your car did not have insurance, what would you do if the bite you received from the neighbors dog caused a serious infection that ended up costing you thousands in medical care and medicine?

These are just a couple of simple examples of how something that appears simple can quickly become complicated and how having a seasoned injury lawyer in Michigan available can be of tremendous assistance.

If you suffer an injury through no fault of your own you should consider hiring an injury attorney in Michigan to ensure you get the largest settlement possible. You are welcome to discuss your situation. Follow us on our twitter page.

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