Situations That Arise That Could Warrant Hiring a Maricopa Custody Attorney

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Lawyers

After separating from the parent of your child, you might begin to make plans for visitation. If you’re able to communicate with the other parent, then you might be able to make an agreement on your own. Some situations could be better handled by an attorney.

Legal Representatio

If you know the other parent has an attorney, then you might benefit from hiring one When meeting with child custody lawyers in Maricopa, AZ. you need to have as much information as possible about the relationship you have with your child and the relationship with the other parent.

Dangerous Grounds

If you believe the other parent could pose a danger to your child, you should consider hiring an attorney. The proper claims can be filed with the court and law enforcement if there are signs that your child could be in immediate danger so that you retain custody until an investigation is complete.


There could be a variety of complications that arise when you’re dealing with child custody, including the other parent not wanting to go along with the agreement. After hiring one of the child custody lawyers in Maricopa, AZ. you should consider discussing some of the complications that you could face and how to avoid negative impacts that could result.

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