Slip And Fall Lawyers in Upper Marlboro, MD Represent People Injured Due to Falling at a Hospital

by | Dec 19, 2015 | Lawyer

When a person suffers an injury due to falling in a hospital setting, there may be medical malpractice involved or it may be a premises liability issue. Either way, this type of episode is likely to qualify as a personal injury incident that the facility should provide financial compensation for. Slip and fall lawyers in Upper Marlboro, MD represent clients who have been hurt in these sorts of situations.

If a patient or a visitor to the hospital falls on a wet floor after a cleaning worker has mopped it up, that is a premises liability issue. An employee should have blocked off the area or placed a yellow caution sign at the scene. A fan might have been set up to dry the floor and to alert people of the problem.

If a patient falls while being assisted onto magnetic resonance imaging equipment, that is likely to be classified as medical malpractice. The medical staff may not have kept this patient steady enough, resulting in a fall. An inexperienced staff member may have allowed a patient to get too close to the magnetic equipment while using a metal walker. The force of that magnetic field can pull on the walker and cause the patient to lose balance.

Another example that would involve malpractice is when nurses do not respond promptly to a patient’s call button and that individual decides to get up and go to the bathroom without assistance. The patient may not be well enough to make the trek and may fall on the way. Slip and fall lawyers in Upper Marlboro, MD handle these cases as well as those of premises liability.

These types of negligence generally are considered malpractice on the part of hospital employees, as they did not provide medical care of a high standard. In some cases, a specific employee may be to blame. In the case of the nurses not responding, an emergency situation involving numerous patients may have called several nurses away. That temporary staff shortage would be the responsibility of the hospital or supervisors rather than the fault of any particular nurse who was ordered to a different area of the building.

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