A Social Security Disability Attorney in Mayville WI Helps When the Administration Denies Applications

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Lawyers

A Social Security Disability Attorney in Mayville WI can help when an application has been denied because the administration does not seem to believe that the applicant can no longer work full time. People apply for these benefits for a variety of reasons, and the representatives want to make sure the government does not make payments for fraudulent claims.

Not Enough Documentation

Sometimes applications are turned down because there is not enough medical documentation to prove that this person will not be able to work full-time for at least 12 months, which is a requirement. For example, a Social Security Disability Attorney in Mayville WI may represent someone who has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and is dealing with disabling effects. The administration understands that this person may not be able to spend all day working at a computer or assembling electronic devices, but believes there are other full-time jobs that would be appropriate.

The applicant is not necessarily expected to retrain for an entirely new type of work, but many people do change jobs when they are no longer able to comfortably continue with their previous line of employment. An attorney with an organization such as QBS Law must provide enough documentation from the client’s medical team to indicate why this is not feasible.

Appealing the Decision

If the initial attempt has been denied, the applicant should not become discouraged and give up. About two-thirds of the initial applications are denied, but many are later approved after a reconsideration appeal. A lawyer can help with this process. All appeals must be filed within 60 days. If this is not done and the person still wants to collect benefits, he or she must start all over with a new application.

It’s important to get everything right or the request can be denied once more. A further appeal hearing can be requested to be heard by a judge, but all of this takes time. Meanwhile, the individual who cannot work many hours each week is often left to struggle financially. Click here for information on one particular law practice that assists with these applications and appeals. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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