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by | Jan 28, 2020 | Lawyer

For those looking into Social Security Disability Mayville, WI residents can trust, here’s a question and answer scenario presented by the folks at Quincey Becker Schuessler Chase & Devitt SC – are you able to work while receiving social security payments? Yes, but there’s a caveat.

Can I Work Full-Time and Receive Benefits?

Simply put, no. Keep in mind that, barring severe disability as a result of an accident

or personal injury, Social Security has a vested interest in seeing you get back to the workplace and will make accommodations on your behalf. If you need a transition, SSA allows a three to six-month adjustment trial period to determine if full-time employment is feasible, during which time access to benefit payments cease. Fortunately, you can return to the payment schedule after communicating an inability to perform the type of labor that accompanies a 40-hour work week.

Occupational engagement is possible as long as your gross earnings for any given month stay below what is known as SGA, short for Substantial Gainful Employment threshold, the nominal amount standard set by the Social Security Administration. This amount is surely dynamic although a uniform denomination of more than $1,170, set in 2017, defines what counts as substantial gainful activity. It’s still subject to the Administration’s discretion and changes every year.

It may seem insignificant; however, staying cognizant of calendar month length is of utmost importance. Some months have 4 weeks and others stretch into 5. If you inadvertently exceed the limit, benefits could be terminated.

Have circumstances prompted you to seek Social Security Disability Mayville, WI? Quincey QBS Law S.C offers a full suite of advisory services geared toward helping you succeed. Ethical, skillful and comprehensive – the firm stands on over 100 years of practice. Drop by the legal team’s website and give them a call today.

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