Some Tips and Benefits of Wills and Estate Planning in Daytona Beach

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Lawyers

It is vital for families and individuals to take the time to arrange wills and trusts in Daytona Beach. These legal documents ease the burden on your loved ones when you pass or become incapacitated. The paperwork does not have to be daunting. Legal experts can guide you through the process and advise you on topics you may not have considered.


Wills and trusts let the courts, state, and family know your final wishes. The executor will handle the transaction, and you must note this individual in the paperwork. You can reduce family arguments and business squabbles by assigning a person to this task ahead of time. You can order the executor to sell your tangible properties and financial securities. They will pay taxes and notify government agencies and banks of your passing.

Living Will

If you are seriously injured and can not speak for yourself, a living will spells out what medical and life-saving treatments you want. It can also note if you wish to participate in organ donation programs. Once you have created this document, you can change it. A living will attorney can walk you through the process of eliminating the old orders and creating the new statement.


A revocable trust can help you avoid probate and possibly reduce the tax burden on your relatives. The courts will assign an administrator to handle your affairs if there is no established will. This process can take years and be costly. Estate planning does not have to be complicated, and it can save time, money, and heartache. For more information on establishing wills and trusts in Daytona Beach, contact Kistemaker Business Law Group, LLC at

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