Speaking with a DUI Attorney in Ocean City, MD Is Confidential

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Lawyers

The attorney-client privilege is real and is very important. Without it, people would not be able to be completely honest with their lawyer. This could cause significant issues as they will not be able to work well with the attorney if they cannot be honest. However, those who hire a lawyer do have this privilege and are able to be completely honest with the DUI attorney in Ocean Coty, MD, which could help them get a better outcome for their case.

Once a person hires an attorney, the attorney is bound by the attorney-client privilege. This means that they cannot speak about what their client says to them. For instance, a person admits to the attorney they were actually drinking and driving before their arrest. The attorney cannot go behind the client and tell the prosecution that the person admitted to the crime. Instead, they will get all of the details from the client and help them get a better outcome for their case. The more details the attorney has about the case, the more they can likely do to help their client.

An additional benefit of this comes into play if there is a civil aspect to the person’s case. If they were arrested for drinking and driving after an accident, they could be sued by the victim of the accident for medical and related expenses. Even if the person has admitted to the lawyer they were drinking and did cause the accident, the lawyer cannot be asked to divulge this information to help the victim of the accident in the civil case. The lawyer must not divulge any information from the client, especially if it can be used against the client.

If you’ve been arrested for suspicion of drinking and driving, you’re going to need to hire a DUI attorney in Ocean City, MD as soon as possible. Once you have hired an attorney like Marc A. Zeve, PA, Attorney at Law, you can be sure you’ll receive the help you need. They will keep everything you say confidential and will work to get you a better outcome. Contact a lawyer today to learn more about the attorney-client privilege or to speak with them about your DUI case.

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