Starting A Dog Bite Claim With An Injury Lawyer In Murfreesboro, TN

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Lawyers

In Tennessee, pet owners are required by law to mitigate risks associated with their dogs. They must follow leash laws if they live within the city limits. They must also install enclosures around their property if they allow their dog roam freely around their property. These requirements lower the potential for injuries associated with dog attacks. An Injury Lawyer Murfreesboro TN prepares legal claims for individuals who sustain related injuries.

Filing the Report Against the Pet Owner

The victim has two options for reporting the animal. They can seek medical attention and explain to the doctor how they sustain their injuries or file a report with the animal control officer directly. Doctors are required by law to report any animal attack to the animal control officer.

A Legal Right for Entering the Property

The victim must present evidence of a legal right to enter the property. A common issue with these claims is that the victim was either trespassing or committed a home invasion. If this is the case, the victim cannot receive monetary benefits since they broke the law. Additionally, if the victim provoked the dog, they are also at fault for their own injuries.

Assessing the Quarantine Laws

Quarantine laws apply when the dog wasn’t vaccinated. If the owner cannot produce a shot record, the animal control officer will enforce the laws. The pet owner must surrender the animal to a licensed vet at their own expense for twelve days.

Strict Liabilities and the Victim’s Injuries

Strict liabilities are available if the dog was involved in previous attacks. The strict liability provides the victim access to additional compensation for pain and suffering. The pet owner will be required to pay the victim’s medical expenses and replace any wages they lost during their recovery.

In Tennessee, pet owners manage their dogs to lower common liabilities. If they fail, they become liable in an injury claim. If their dog attacks, the victim is within their rights to file a lawsuit against the owner. Victims of these attacks contact an Injury Lawyer Murfreesboro TN through the Law Office of Gritton & Gritton PLLC for more info now.

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