Starting a Divorce with a Lawyer in Junction City, KS

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Lawyers

In Kansas, divorce action can begin after the petitioners fulfill the residency requirements. According to law, the petitioner must live in the state for at least sixty days. This requirement enables the state to take jurisdiction over the divorce case. A lawyer in Junction City, KS can guide the petitioner through the divorce process.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Divorce Grounds

Divorce petitioners choose divorce grounds based on the cause of the divorce. Most petitioners use no-fault grounds as an option to settle the divorce case faster. However, a prenuptial agreement may include terms that provide them with more assets. Prenuptial agreements present terms related to the actions of each party. A petitioner who has evidence of a fault-based divorce ground could use this to their advantage.

What Is Marital Property?

The state requires an equal division of the marital estate. Marital property is any asset or property that was purchased or accumulated during the marriage. Properties or assets that were owned prior to the marriage aren’t included in the marital property. For example, real estate or monetary assets that were inherited before the couple married isn’t divided. The original owner retains ownership of the assets.

Alternatives to Spousal Support

Spousal support is provided when a spouse cannot achieve the lifestyle they had during the marriage. The payments are provided on a temporary or life-long basis. However, an alternative to this assignment is the payment of an educational program. A spouse can agree to pay for a college degree program instead of monthly alimony or palimony.

Child Custody Assignments

Joint custody assignments are often more favored among judges. However, if either parent is a risk to the child, the judge can provide sole custody. Common risks include a history of abuse, neglect, or addiction. Sole custody provides one parent with complete authority over the child.

In Kansas, divorce petitioners must review all the possible actions to protect their rights. They should assess opportunities to settle the divorce case through an amicable agreement. This could include the selection of no-fault divorce grounds. Petitioners who need help can contact a lawyer in Junction City, KS through Oleen Law Firm or click here to schedule an appointment now.

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