Talking to an Attorney About Criminal Law in Kutztown, PA and Your Case

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Lawyers

After an arrest, it’s crucial to get help as quickly as possible. Criminal Law in Kutztown PA can be confusing, especially to those who have no experience with the law. After an arrest, they’re likely going to have a lot of questions about the charges they’re facing and the possible defenses for their case. The first thing the accused will want to do is start working with an attorney.

Questions About the Case

The accused will likely have a lot of questions about the charges they’re facing, what the potential penalties are, how it will impact their future if they’re convicted, and more. The attorney they work with can answer all of these questions and ensure the person charged understands what they are facing because of the charges. The attorney can also answer questions about the likelihood of a conviction or other questions the accused may have.

Thorough Investigation of Evidence

Once the attorney has started working on the case, they’ll thoroughly investigate all of the evidence against their client. They go through every detail, including the police report, witness statements, and more so they can find anything that could be useful for their client’s defense. This can take some time, depending on the amount of evidence that will be used in the case, and the results of this investigation will vary depending on the evidence and the facts surrounding the case.

Start Planning a Defense

After the attorney knows more about all aspects of the case, they’ll work with the accused to start creating a defense plan. Depending on what they found during the investigation, this could include fighting the charges, requesting the charges be dismissed, or looking into a plea deal that includes a lowered penalty for the client. They will offer advice for the client on how to move forward with the case and what the chances are of avoiding a conviction.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with any crime, an attorney will be ready to help you. They can help explain Criminal Law in Kutztown PA and how it applies to your case as well as help you start working on a defense. Browse our website to speak with an attorney or to learn more about the charges you’re facing now.

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