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The Slip And Fall Lawyer In Orange County CA Can Evaluate Your Case With His Accumulated Experience

Even though slip and fall and trip and fall cases in Virginia are very difficult to prove liability, they can however be won. These cases are very difficult unless there is an invitation to enter the premises. The invitation can be an implied invitation to enter the premises such as a store that is open to the public. An example of an express invitation to enter the premises is if an owner verbally invites you to “come on in”. The owner is required to keep the property reasonably safe and to fix problems he knows about or should know about.

Falls result in sprains, strains, broken bones, fractured skulls, closed head injuries and brain injuries. If your fall was not a result of something you did, get in touch with the Slip & Fall Lawyer in Orange County CA. It is best if you sought medical treatment immediately since this will establish a record of your fall and the injuries. It is also best if you call the slip and fall attorney quickly since you want to capture the evidence on film before it disappears.

Do not talk to anyone about your accident without first asking your attorney if it is okay to do so. The insurance company working for the place where the accident occurred will have an adjuster attempting to talk with you immediately. His only purpose is to get you to settle quickly or to say something which could be used against you later.

It is particularly important in these cases that you have as much documentation and proof as you can obtain. Your attorney will have to build a case around the evidence you provide and any evidence he finds at the scene. Many businesses allow a public nuisance to continue to exist until a person is terribly injured by an accident. The practice of law has proven that many problems are solved by a financial penalty for allowing the problems to exist.

Injuries from a slip and fall and a trip and fall do not always show up immediately. For example a closed head injury may over time develop a blood clot in the cranial area which could potentially become a serious problem, or it could disappear.

Discuss a settlement strategy with your attorney who is the best equipped person to advise you. He has the experience to analyze your case and recommend a settlement or a trial. Contact ALL Trial Lawyers – CPS Lawyers for more information.