The Trusted Wrongful Death Attorney Near You

by | May 14, 2020 | Lawyers

A wrongful death will leave a family devastated and overwhelmed by the final medical charges and the funeral expenses. They feel alone with no place to turn for help. However, there is help available from a wrongful death attorney in Chicago. Once you retain the services of an attorney they will take over all matters which you have to deal with. This will allow you to grieve and heal your family.

The attorney will begin his investigation into the accident by studying the scene looking for any contributing causes. He will interview EMS witnesses and the investigative police officers. The police officer will be an important witness. The attorney will also examine the other car if one was involved. A consultant may be hired to review the evidence and provide a report on his findings. The attorney will look for every clue indicating the cause of the death.

He will look at the medical records if the person was transported to a hospital. He will want to know any medical issues treated by the hospital and the results of an autopsy. He will also obtain the coroner’s report if the person died at the scene. The medical records will create a picture of the events surrounding the death.

The wrongful death attorney in Chicago, will present a settlement proposal to the insurance carrier using all of the evidence he has accumulated. The insurance carrier can agree to settle out of court, or there are other remedies available. For example mediation, arbitration and further discussion directly with the insurance carrier. Your attorney will aggressively pursue the best course of action for you.

If all else fails then the next step is a trial. An experienced trial lawyer from Shea Law Group can present the case to the judge and the jury with the proper approach and likely come away with a win. It is doubtful an insurance carrier or a company will go to trial in a wrongful death case if the evidence is strong and presented properly.

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