Three Reasons to Never Fight a DUI Charge Alone in Kutztown, PA.

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Lawyer

Getting stopped for a DUI in Kutztown, PA. can be devastating when it happens. While that’s completely understandable, it’s still no reason to go it alone. The following are three reasons why you should always seek adequate counsel for a DUI charge.

To Prevent a Tarnished Record

A DUI attorney in Kutztown, PA. can help a person prevent going through life with a tarnished criminal record. Even something as minor as a general impairment charge can land you with six months of probation. That means you will have a criminal record. You’ll have various restrictions placed on your life as well.

To Keep a License

The state of Pennsylvania is strict on its consequences for convicted DUI offenders. A first offense for a high blood alcohol level can result in a license suspension of up to 12 months. If you’re convicted, you stand to lose even more than your license too. Not having driving documentation can lead to a loss of job and failure to keep up with health appointments and other important tasks.

To Avoid Unnecessarily Labels

Along with jail time, mandatory alcohol classes, and fines, you may have to experience employment discrimination and judgment from people within society. A DUI attorney in Kutztown, PA. can help you fight to preserve your good name.

It’s always worth it for an accused person to fight a DUI charge. Experienced and dedicated attorneys can help to protect you from experiencing hardships and salvage your rights to operate a vehicle without judgment.

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