Three Reasons Truck Accidents in Honolulu are Often So Damaging

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Attorneys

Any type of vehicular collision can be dangerous, but some are typically more so than others. Large commercial trucks can cause damage at levels rarely seen with smaller, lighter vehicles. There are several reasons Truck Accidents in Honolulu are often so damaging or even deadly, as a look at the website at will reveal.

Commercial Trucks Can Cause Profound Damage and Harm at Almost Any Time

Accidents involving trucks tend to be much more damaging and serious than those that include only passenger vehicles. The factors that combine to make such collisions so dangerous include:

  • Mass.
  • The average passenger vehicle today weighs somewhere around 4,000 pounds. A commercial truck can weigh twenty times that figure when fully loaded down, and that is not an exceptional situation at all. When such a large vehicle collides with a much smaller one, the energy both carry will be dissipated between the two. A car or passenger truck will inevitably suffer the bulk of the damage.
  • Visibility.
  • Even commercial trucks equipped with impressive-looking mirrors tend to limit the vision of drivers significantly. Although the elevated vantage point that a large truck affords can improve visibility to some degree, other factors inevitably work against this advantage. Because of this, most commercial vehicles have blind spots where smaller vehicles cannot be seen.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Even a large sport utility vehicle will be able accelerate, turn, and brake much more ably than a commercial truck. It can take dozens of times more distance for a fully loaded commercial truck to come to a stop than would be required by the average passenger vehicle. Even the most skilled and attentive of truck drivers will often be able to do very little to avoid a collision once the threat of one has arisen.

Dedicated Attorneys are Ready to Help

Because Truck Accidents in Honolulu so frequently cause serious injuries and property damage, contacting an attorney after such a collision will almost always be wise. Doing so will inevitably be the best way to ensure that an appropriate amount of compensation is obtained for whatever type and degree of harm were suffered.

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