Top Reasons You Will Want an SSD Lawyer to File Your Claim in Greensboro

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Lawyers, Social Security Disability Attorney

When you become too sick or disabled to work, you do have the option of filing a claim to start collecting SSD insurance. However, this can be a long and arduous process and you will definitely want some kind of professional help to aid you. This is where an SSD lawyer in Greensboro can come into play.

Completed Paperwork

When you are filling out the application to get Social Security disability insurance, there is a ton of paperwork that must be filled out. This can all be very confusing to those who are not familiar with the application process. If anything is left blank that should not be, the rejection will be immediate. This then means that you have to do everything all over again. To avoid this happening to you, it makes sense to hire an attorney who can guide you along the way.

Expert Witnesses

The lawyer may want to have a witness testify on your behalf regarding your disability. Since an inexperienced witness can actually do harm to your case, the attorney can choose a witness whom they feel will make for the best chance of your claim being approved.

Gather Evidence

You will need all of the evidence possible to present to the SSD board that proves your claim of disability. This can be very time-consuming so hiring an SSD lawyer in Greensboro will definitely speed up the process and free up some of your personal time.

If you are thinking of filing a claim for Social Security disability, please contact Collins Price, PLLC.

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