Traffic Offense Lawyers in Mankato, MN Can Get Tickets Dismissed

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They have one of the toughest jobs around, and police officers sometimes make mistakes when issuing traffic tickets. Many drivers are unaware that there are ways to handle such a situation, which can help them save money. Drivers can sometimes avoid paying a citation if errors are found, and this article points out some of the most common mistakes that may support a driver’s claims.

Listing the Wrong Traffic Code

Traffic codes list the rules to be broken, and there’s a code for everything from speeding to rolling stops. Every citation issued should have a listed traffic code. If the code can’t be read or is nonexistent, the ticket may be quickly dismissed. Many dismissals occur because the court has no definitive record of the event.

Incomplete Tickets

The on-scene officer must fill the citation completely and accurately. In some cases, law enforcement officers leave certain sections of the ticket unfilled because of an error or because they are busy. If the traffic ticket is missing vital information, the driver and their traffic offenses lawyers in Mankato, MN may be able to have it dismissed.

Inaccurate License and Vehicle Info

If the driver’s licensing or vehicle information is entered incorrectly, a dismissal may occur. When a driver receives a traffic citation, they should verify that the information is legible and correct. If the ticket contains inaccurate information, it could be dismissed summarily. During court appearances, one should have copies of the correct information, along with supporting documents.

Other Ticket Dismissal Tips

Drivers who want to get a traffic ticket dismissed should take certain precautions, and traffic offenses lawyers in Mankato, MN should gather information before going to court. One should include proof to support the inaccuracy of the information on the citation, such as registration documents and their driver’s license. If it is possible, one should bring witnesses to court, and they should always dress appropriately for the occasion.

A person who receives a traffic citation may get it dismissed if it contains errors; all that is needed is the right approach. Drivers should be punctual and have the right documentation, as the burden of proof falls on the officer. If a law enforcement entity makes a minor mistake, the driver and the team at can have the case dismissed in most cases.

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