A Truck Accident Lawyer in Bowie Tells Clients What They Should Know after Accidents

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Lawyers

Anyone who is involved in a large truck accident is likely to suffer injuries. The injuries could be so severe that the injured party will end up suing the owner of the large truck or trucking company. In Maryland, truck accidents and other traffic accidents are considered under the fault system. That is, whoever caused the accident is responsible for the damages caused to the other driver or passenger. A Truck Accident Lawyer in Bowie can help clients recover what they are due after an accident. These are some things that potential clients need to know about what happens after truck accidents.

When it comes to truck accidents in Maryland, two factors are involved: liability and damages. In the liability factor, the matter is about who is at fault or caused the accident. Accidents of this nature fall under negligence claims. It must be shown that the driver of the truck acted negligently by, for example, driving too fast or making an unlawful turn. Factors lately may also include the driver texting on his or her smartphone or looking at a GPS instead of the road.

If the injured party is pursuing any kind of claim, the insurance company may raise an objection to the liability. This is because Maryland applies a rather harsh rule called contributory negligence. If it can be proven that the injured party is even one percent at fault for the accident, the injured party will receive nothing. That seems rather cruel for the person who got hurt. That is why it is crucial to hire an attorney who has experience in fighting for the rights of those injured in a truck accident or any other accident.

A Truck Accident Lawyer in Bowie, Maryland is available to help clients involved in truck accidents. The Jaklitsch Law Group has over 50 years of combined experience helping clients get what they deserve after a truck accident. Initial consultations are free for those who are unsure if they have a case or not. If in need of a Truck Accident Lawyer in Bowie or the surrounding areas, visit the website.

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