What does an attorney do?

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Attorneys are professionals that are licensed to practice law in a specified area or jurisdiction. Attorneys in Wichita KS provide a wide array of legal services, due to the complexity of the law most attorneys focus on one particular area or aspect of the law.

The primary responsibility of any attorney is to advocate for his or her client. This involves the provision of skilled counsel that serves the best interest of the individual or entity that hires their service. Along with this, the attorneys aim is to present the client’s case in the best light, in such a way that the resolution is the best possible under existing laws. For these two purposes to be met the attorney expects full disclosure from the client, he or she then couples this information with an in-depth understanding of the law and how it can be applied. When information and knowledge are combined, the chance of justice prevailing is high.

Many attorneys in Wichita KS are expected by their clients to excel in a certain area of law. One attorney or law firm may focus exclusively on the criminal law while other attorneys or firms may elect to focus their attention on certain aspects of civil law. As the profession is highly specialized, it is easy for a potential client to locate and engage the services of an attorney that has the knowledge that is required under the circumstances.

Attorneys are not only required when an individual is involved in a legal dispute, but attorneys are also needed to assist in the personal affairs of clients. Many people rely on the services of an attorney to prepare their will and to ensure that it is probated properly. An attorney is needed when a client wishes to create a trust fund for a family member, help a client through bankruptcy proceedings or create a power of attorney.

Many attorneys focus on the business law; they are actively involved in the creation of a business, developing contracts, dealing with complex tax matters, real estate transactions and more. Should the present owners decide to sell the business or to merge it with another, business attorneys are called upon to draft everything that is needed to complete the transaction. The attorneys at Fleeson Gooing ensure that everything that is done is done in full compliance with the laws that apply to and govern the specific transaction.

Attorneys in Wichita KS are called upon to deal with all aspects of law, both criminal and civil. Fleeson Gooing Attorneys at Law are committed to providing the highest quality legal service available.

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