What Happens at the First Consultation With the Injury Law Firms in Luzerne County PA?

by | May 30, 2017 | Lawyers

The first consultation with the Injury Law Firms in Luzerne County PA is vital for starting the process of pursuing compensation. Here, an injured victim is able to discover the rights they hold and what will need to be done to pursue compensation. Before a person visits the attorney, they need to make sure they know what to expect and will be properly prepared for the process so it will be successful in allowing them to obtain the compensation they deserve.

When a person is preparing for their meeting with the Injury Law Firms in Luzerne County PA, they need to take these actions:

• A person needs to first begin gathering all of the documents that pertain to their injuries. Police reports, medical reports, and medical bills are helpful. Some documents may be difficult to obtain. For these, the attorney will have a person sign a release so they can obtain the necessary documents.

• It is wise for a person to write down the facts of their case so they can be ready to provide this information to the attorney. The more facts the attorney has, the better equipped they will be to begin formulating the case.

• Should a person have any evidence that would help to corroborate their side of the story, it behooves them to bring it to the consultation. Photos, videos, and other forms of evidence are beneficial to the attorney and will help them in their investigation.

At the consultation meeting, the attorney will ask the client to fill out some forms and provide information. They will ask for a full recount of how the injuries occurred. It is important a person is prepared to be able to answer questions the attorney may ask them about their claim.

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