What to Do Before Calling a Car Accident Attorney in Mckinney, TX

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Attorneys

Life can change in an instant. A peaceful commute to work or a trip home from the store can be suddenly and violently interrupted by the sound of a crash and the jolt of an impact with another car. In the aftermath of an auto accident, you will be, at best, shaken and upset. At worst, you or a passenger may be seriously injured. It is hard to think clearly and make decisions under the circumstances. You may never be in a car accident, but if you are, it will be helpful to keep in mind some things to do before contacting a car accident attorney in Mckinney, TX.

* First of all, move your vehicle to a safe place near the accident site if at all possible. It is very important to remain at the scene of the accident because failure to do so could be seen as a hit and run if you are found to be at fault.
* Check yourself and your passengers for signs of injury and call for medical help if necessary.
* Call the police and notify them of the accident. An officer will arrive and make a report.
* Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. When speaking with the other driver, it may feel natural to express concern, but avoid making a direct apology. That could be interpreted as an admission of guilt in court.
* See if there were any witnesses to the accident and request their names and telephone numbers.
* Call your insurance company to report the accident. Make sure to give the details clearly and accurately. You can help your insurance company assess the damage to your vehicle by taking photos.
* See a doctor even if you are not obviously hurt. Be aware that some types of injuries may not present symptoms immediately, but a doctor will be able to recognize and treat them. Make sure to document all of the medical treatment you receive.

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