What Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vermont Can Do For You

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Lawyers

When a person gets hurt at work, automatically workers’ compensation should come into play. Workers’ compensation will take care of any medical bills that occur because of the work-related accident, and will pay the worker lost wages. However, it is not as simple as that may seem. There are a lot of complexities that can occur with workers’ compensation. The injured person may need to hire a lawyer to sort through all of the confusion. There are Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vermont who help clients resolve their issues all the time. Here are things they can do for you.

Benefits that are due the injured worker for workers’ compensation include, but are not limited to, medical benefits, temporary disability benefits (while out of work), vocational rehabilitation, permanent benefits, if such a loss warrants it. There are also death benefits, should the employee die as a result of the work-related accident. Other factors that fall under this are benefits for the dependents, if the employee has any, and a request to challenge any discontinuance of the benefits. Such processes can become complex, and the employee may want a lawyer to help him or her get all that he or she should be getting.

Other things that the employee needs to be aware of are to understand the claim process and ensure all paperwork is filled out properly. For example, the employer will have 21 days from the date that he or she was informed of the incident to investigate the workers’ compensation claim and verify is there is actually a valid claim. This is why the employee must ensure that all things are done properly on his or her end.

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