When a Motorcycle Accident Requires a Lawyer

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Auto Accident Attorney

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to spend an afternoon. The feeling of zipping down the highway is thrilling. However, there’s not a lot of protection on such a vehicle, which means an injury is likely. If it’s because of another driver who wasn’t paying attention, they might be responsible for it. Filing a claim isn’t altogether easy because there is a lot of paperwork to fill out, and the process takes time. Therefore, it might be ideal to hire an attorney.

Motorcycle accidents in Allentown PA are quite common. When they happen, it is up to you to prove your case, usually to your insurance company. It might collaborate with the other person’s insurance, but there might not be a definitive answer for who is at fault. Insurance adjusters want to save money, which means not giving you all that you deserve. Sometimes, they will also deny your claim and say that the injuries you sustained weren’t from the accident itself. Other times, the insurance company offers a lower settlement in the hopes that you’ll take it. However, you aren’t likely to know the extent of your injuries or pricing at that time.

Instead of being deceived by the insurance company, it is time to hire a lawyer. Those at Pfeiffer Bruno understand the issues you face after being in a motorcycle accident. You deserve compensation for the injury, medical bills, and time off work. The fact remains that most people don’t hire an attorney because they think that the injury is minor. However, it’s best to let the law team determine how extensive the damages are and whether or not you have a case. Often, people seem nervous or wary but are surprised when they learn they have a case. To learn more about the company and practice areas available, check our website at Domain.

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