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When Should Family Lawyers in Temecula Be Hired to Handle an Adoption?

Many find they cannot have children naturally and must consider other options. One option is to adopt a child. However, people often assume their only hope is an adoption agency. There are times when family lawyers in Temecula can be of help and should be considered. What are the benefits of choosing a lawyer over an adoption agency?

Qualifying for Adoption

Adoption agencies have certain guidelines in place regarding who may and may not adopt a child. Anyone who has been turned down by an agency may believe they are out of luck. However, an attorney can be of help at this time, as long as all laws of the state where the adoption will take place are followed. The attorney doesn’t have the same qualification requirements as an agency, which is a private entity.

Quicker Adoptions

People who choose to work with an adoption agency find they must fill out form after form before the process can move forward. Furthermore, many agencies make people attend adoption education classes before they are approved to continue with the process. Finally, individuals and couples frequently find they end up on a waiting list for an extended period before meeting with a prospective birth parent. The attorney can complete this process in less time.


The fee paid to an adoption agency typically covers all expenses but can be high. When an adoption attorney is used, the fee varies based on the steps they will be asked to go through. For example, if a couple comes to an attorney with a birth mother and simply needs the paperwork completed, the fee may be significantly less. This should never be the deciding factor, as the couple wants to ensure the proper placement is achieved, but it is a factor to consider.

If you are thinking about adopting and wish to know more about the process and the benefits of working with family lawyers in Temecula as opposed to an agency, contact The Law Office of Michelle Penna or click here. Ms. Penna will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Adoption is a wonderful thing for parents and children in need of a home. Ms. Penna recognizes this and works to find the right match for each child and potential parent.