When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm in Nassau County, NY?

by | May 27, 2016 | Lawyers

As the victim of an accident, it’s not always easy to know exactly when to contact a personal injury law firm in Nassau County, NY. If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, you should contact a law firm whenever you were the victim of serious injuries.

If you’re unsure whether you were at fault or not and received injuries, victims still should contact a law firm that’s experienced with personal injury cases. Minor injuries can usually be settled with an insurance company. Before settling a case, someone who’s sustained an injury should still speak with a personal injury law firm. This should be done before signing a settlement agreement with the insurance company.

Serious injuries usually require extensive medical treatment and prohibit individuals from maintaining their regular routine. Physical therapy for an injury may take months to complete and will be very expensive. If an individual broke a bone during the accident, this would be considered a permanent injury. Although the bone will heal, it will always have a break in it. Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or nerve damage are also considered permanent injuries. Many personal injuries occur as a result of automobile accidents. Accidents involving an automobile and tractor trailer truck usually have very serious injuries.

A personal injury law firm in Nassau County, NY, can help an injured client determine who is at fault and immediately begin the process of investigating who is responsible to negotiate a fair settlement with an insurance company for medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. Attempting to negotiate with an insurance company when you’ve been seriously injured is never recommended. An insurance company works very hard to limit the amount of money they offer in a settlement and will attempt to blame a victim for their injuries. This can be a very frustrating situation whenever a victim knows they were not at fault.

Obtaining compensation for a personal injury can begin by contacting the Law Office of Steven R. Smith. Their years of experience in personal injury claims will prove to be invaluable to a victim of someone else’s negligence. Take the time to recover from your injuries while they fight with the insurance company for a fair and just settlement. For more information about personal injury claims, please feel free to click here.

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