Why Do People Hire a Slip And Fall Attorney in Port Orchard?

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Lawyers

Slip and falls are more common than most people realize. When someone falls because of a property liability issue, they may be able to pursue the property owner for their injuries and damages. It is important a person is careful in their approach to pursuing compensation since they will be required to prove liability in their case. When an injured victim hires an attorney, they can rest assured their rights will be protected throughout the pursuit of their claim so they can receive fair compensation. With the help of a slip and fall attorney in Port Orchard, an injured person can have an easier time pursuing their claim.

Slip and falls can occur because of spills, improper lighting and obstructions. Whether a slip and fall occur on a residential or business property, the property owner can be held liable. A Slip And Fall Attorney in Port Orchard can help an injured person determine who is held liable for their injuries and damages and what steps they need to take so they can pursue the responsible party.

The first step the attorney will need to take is establishing liability. This is done through various forms of evidence, including photos, videos, public records and eyewitness accounts. The attorney will attempt to establish liability to ensure the property owner will be held responsible and their insurance company will be required to pay on the claim.

In working with the property owner’s insurance company, there can sometimes be obstacles in the process. If the attorney of the victim feels the insurance company is not being fair in their settlement offer, the attorney may decide to pursue the claim in court. If a court claim is pursued, a jury will be responsible for deciding whether or not the defendant is held liable and what amount of compensation the plaintiff will receive.

If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall that was not your fault, you need the help of an attorney. Contact the law office of Anthony Otto and allow him to meet with you so you can learn about your legal options for pursuing compensation for your injury claim.

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