How a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Lacey, WA Can Help You

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Lawyer

When a person gets hurt on the job, one of the things he or she can expect to happen is receiving workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is an employer-paid insurance that is supposed to kick in to cover the medical expenses and loss of wages during the time an employee is out due to being hurt on the job. A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Lacey WA helps those employees who, for some reason, have problems getting the workers’ compensation. Here are some of the ways the workers’ compensation lawyer can help.

The Responsibilities the Employee Has

Before getting in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney for help, the employee should ensure that he or she has done all that is necessary for the insurance to properly kick in. All the forms must be filled out in a timely manner and given to the right person to be sure the workers’ compensation is not delayed or denied. The employee must see the doctors that the employer requires if his or her own doctor is not sufficient enough for the company. If there is still an issue with the workers’ compensation, then it is time to call an attorney.

How a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help

When there are issues with getting the workers’ compensation, an attorney may be able to speed things up and cause the insurance companies to pay as they are supposed to. The attorney can be especially helpful when the employee has had a hearing and was denied the workers’ compensation. The attorney can defend the employee and research complicated issues that may not have been dealt with initially to help the employee.

The Attorneys to Call in Washington

Putnam Lieb Potvin Attorneys at Law have been providing workers’ compensation solutions for clients in the Lacey, Washington, area for many years. In addition to workers’ compensation, the attorneys also practice in the area of personal injuries, such as animal bites, automobile accidents, and slips and falls. If there are any employees in need of a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Lacey WA, the attorneys can be reached at their website,

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