Wrongful Death Lawyers in Harford County Can Get Families the Compensation They Deserve

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Legal Services

According to NHTSA, over 35,000 Americans die in auto accidents each year, at the rate of five deaths per hour. While car accident numbers have increased over the past few years, fatalities have declined due to improved safety features and vehicle construction techniques. Per AAA, the leading causes of auto accident death are:

* Driver distraction
* Fatigue
* Reckless/intoxicated driving
* Poor weather
* Flaws in the road
* Auto manufacturing defects
* Driver inexperience/age

Wrongful Death in an Auto Accident

When someone dies due to another driver’s mistake, survivors usually ask why it happened. Emotional aspects aside, the answer typically lies in determining whether the other person was negligent. If authorities decide that negligence was a factor in the crash, the idea of wrongful death comes into play. In a claim, a family and wrongful death lawyers in Harford County demand compensation from the at-fault party. Proving these claims can be difficult, and it begins with the three points listed below.

Proving Someone Else’s Responsibility

If a fatal accident occurred because of a road defect, the family may be able to prove the state or city’s negligent maintenance of the road. When an intoxicated driver causes a deadly crash, a claimant may prove that the bar owner who served the at-fault party violated state laws against serving alcohol to intoxicated patrons.

Survivorship by Legal Dependents

For a wrongful death claim to succeed, the claimant must establish their relationship to the decedent. Spouses need a copy of the marriage license, and parents need copies of children’s birth certificates. Beneficiaries must provide a copy of the deceased person’s will or life insurance policy.

Monetary Losses

If a decedent was working at the time of their death and had children, the surviving parent needs proof of the person’s lifetime income. Juries often consider a victim’s earnings at the time of death; in the case of an unemployed decedent, the jury may consider the person’s last verifiable income as well as future earning potential.

Winning a Wrongful Death Case After an Auto Accident

To win a claim, a family must have credible, substantial evidence. Unlike minor injury claims, wrongful deaths always require the assistance of wrongful death lawyers in Harford County. These cases have a lot at stake, and families should visit Markeylawfirm.com to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

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