3 Things You Need to Know about Foreclosures

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Lawyers

It is a terrifying thing to face the prospect of losing your home.  However, that does not mean that you should be ignorant about the process, particularly when it comes to a foreclosure.  As they say, knowledge is your greatest weapon, so here are a few things that you should know about foreclosures, so that you do not go into it blindly.

Before You Can Be Kicked out of Your Home, There Must Be a Foreclosure

Regardless of what anyone may threaten to do, no one can kick you out of a home before foreclosure court action occurs. The truth is that a foreclosure is not a single occurrence, but a multi-step process.  First, the parties are summoned, and a judge rules whether a foreclosure is necessary.  If the judge does agree on a foreclosure, then he or she will decide on a sale date for your home, which is the time by which you will have to leave the building.  However, this does give you the time to find a defense and can offer hope of the judge ruling in your favor. It is important to remember that you need to call a foreclosure attorney in Valdosta area before your situation gets to this point.

Read All the Mail from Your Mortgage Company, and Watch for a Summons

Despite the old saying, “What you do not know cannot hurt you,” the fact is that ignorance will only harm you in this situation. If you refuse to open any mail from the people who hold your mortgage, then your situation will only worsen.  Even though it may be hard, always open and read any mail from the mortgage company.  If they file a foreclosure lawsuit against you, then you will receive a summons in the mail.

Beware of Scam Artists, and Only Trust Real and Qualified Lawyers

A sad fact of the society of today is that scam artists are always on the lookout for a new scheme, and many have latched onto the idea of offering to save your home from foreclosure.  Never trust someone like this.  Look for trustworthy, certified lawyers to help you with the upcoming summons and foreclosure proceedings.

To get the facts about the situation, and to find an ally you can trust, call the offices of Charles Farrell Jr. LLC, your foreclosure attorney in Valdosta.

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