Determining Your Eligibility for Wrongful Death Compensation

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Personal Injury Lawyer

Determining whether you have a case for a wrongful death lawsuit can be difficult, especially in the midst of the grief these situations cause. Here is a checklist of determining factors for legal compensation in the event of a wrongful death:

Was There Negligence?

Negligence is knowing how one should behave in order to maintain health and safety standards and failing to do so. This can include anything from medical malpractice to failing to label a fall risk in your business.

Did that Negligence Cause the Death?

To gain compensation for the wrongful death you’ve endured in your family, you and your legal team must prove that the death was directly caused by the accused party’s negligence.

Was a Duty to the Victim Breached?

As wrongful death attorneys will explain, it is important to establish that the party being charged with the crime had some kind of duty or obligation to the victim. What does this mean? Think of your physician, or of a surgeon you have trusted with your life. Should they behave negligently and cause your death in doing so, they have betrayed that trust – also known as their duty to you – and your family would be entitled to compensation on your behalf.

Are there Quantifiable Damages Caused by the Death?

Knowing what the death of your loved one has cost you and your family is one way to quantify what you feel you are owed in terms of compensation. Ask everyone involved in funeral arrangements, your own employment for which you might have missed days due to the situation, and anyone else who might have relevant information to what you have lost to document it for you.

Have a Case? Not Sure? Call a Professional

In the legal matters of life and death, experience matters. When seeking the services of Fort Lauderdale wrongful death attorneys, be certain to inquire about past experience. A wrongful death case is stressful, emotionally-charged, upsetting, and confusing; you need an experienced hand to guide you through the process.

Don’t wait. Talk to your local legal professional and see if you have a case. You deserve compensation for your family’s suffering – get the help you need in getting it.

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