5 Reasons to Hire the Law Office of Tammy Strohl P.A.

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Lawyers

While an attorney can practice in whichever area of law they choose, there are marked differences between general practice lawyers and those who handle elder law cases. There are many advantages to working with a lawyer who has the knowledge and training necessary to take on elder law issues. Below are several reasons to choose a lawyer like Attorney Tammy Strohl-Samuel, an attorney with a focus on elder law.

They Specialize in Helping Seniors

An elder law attorney is skilled in handling senior citizens’ legal matters. While a general attorney can provide such services, they do not concentrate on a certain segment of the population. By hiring an elder attorney, seniors and families can get targeted assistance.

They Consider the Elder’s Needs

Senior citizens typically have different needs from people in other age groups, and physical conditions can make cases more complex. An elder law attorney has the experience and skill necessary to consider these factors, and they use that skill to provide clients and families with the necessary help.

They Know the Truth Behind Myths About the Elderly

Elder attorneys have heard all the misconceptions about elderly people and their capability to make their own decisions. These lawyers do not follow these myths, and they treat clients with respect and dignity. By hiring an elder law attorney with the Law Office in Naples FL, one can ensure that their wishes are respected.

Elder Lawyers Handle Many Related Issues

Attorneys who focus on estate planning and elder law do more than one may expect. These lawyers know about other important senior issues, such as finances, housing and long-term care. Such issues can have a significant effect on a legal case, and they should be carefully considered during the decision-making process.

They Offer Extra Help

Elder lawyers typically provide other help to seniors and families by recommending other service providers such as social workers and psychologists. A trust or estate planning attorney who works with seniors will often work with other professionals when handling legal matters.

Seniors and relatives should consider that elder law is a broad area, and it includes probate administration, estate planning, retirement, Medicaid and elder abuse. It is vital for the family to find an elder lawyer who offers the right services. If a family needs help with elder-related legal matters, they should call the Business Name today.

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