Situations That Might Require Maritime Injury Lawyers in Crowley, LA

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Attorneys

Jobs in the maritime field can offer lucrative pay, but there are also some risks that workers have to be familiar with or they could be seriously injured or killed. Fortunately, there are ways of preventing accidents. Before learning about prevention, the risks must be identified.

Slipping and Falling

Maritime injury lawyers in Crowley, LA are all too familiar with people in the maritime industry slipping and falling. The decks on ships can easily get slippery because of all the water. Anti-slip coverings can help make areas safer. Railings can offer support so that people can catch their balance. In order to help prevent falls, work areas should remain free of clutter. Water isn’t the only risk for slip-and-fall accidents. Workers must also pay attention to the type of footwear they use. The footwear should offer excellent traction and support.

Going Overboard

Maritime injury lawyers in Crowley, LA also handle cases where people fall overboard. Unfortunately, some individuals who fall overboard end up dying. Life jackets need to be readily available for workers to use if necessary, and flotation devices should be easy to access in the event someone falls overboard. Railings need to be high enough in order to make it much more difficult for people to fall over. The height of railings makes a huge difference when it comes to accident prevention. Anyone who needs help can visit

Other Accidents

Falling overboard and slip-and-fall accidents aren’t the only things to worry about in the maritime industry. Because some workers might have to work in enclosed spaces for extended periods of time, there is a risk of getting sick because of toxic fumes. If ventilation isn’t working like it should, a worker can actually be poisoned while working in an enclosed area. Anyone who is using maritime workers should make sure that proper training is utilized. Workers need to be aware of safety precautions.

When a person is injured at work, getting compensation might be the last thing on their mind. They might be more worried about getting back to work. Injured employees might fear that seeking compensation will make it harder for them to keep their job. Workers shouldn’t be scared to seek help if they are injured while working. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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