Questions to Ask When Looking for a DUI Law Attorney in Kutztown PA

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Lawyers

Someone who’s been charged with DUI needs to find an attorney. When looking for one, it’s important to ask the right questions. We’ve provided some questions to ask when looking for a dui law attorney in Kutztown PA.

Will they analyze evidence other than the blood alcohol number?

A skilled attorney knows what variables to address to expose the truth, reducing the likelihood of harsh penalties. They can analyze the dash camera to find out why the driver was stopped, how they were treated, which field tests the officer administered, and why they didn’t administer certain tests.

Can they question the officer?

The DUI attorney may subpoena the officer for the license hearing. They do this to try to get inside their head to determine if they can use something they said or did against them.

Can they plea bargain the case?

No matter what the evidence says, the judge always makes the final decision. The attorney analyzes the evidence. When they feel they have a strong case, they will offer a plea bargain to improve the outcome or try to negotiate a better one.

Do they have courtroom experience?

It might seem like the evidence points to a guilty verdict, but the attorney hasn’t started working on the defense. It’s up to the prosecution to prove guilt, so the attorney only needs to use his experience to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments.

Can they dispute the equipment?

The attorney can research the test equipment used, and highlight times when it was incorrect to try and negotiate a lighter sentence. They may also ask why the officer administered less accurate tests.

What if the driver can’t pay upfront?

The attorney will mention different choices the driver has for payment, so the driver can figure out how to pay them without hurting himself financially.

Can the driver keep their license?

Depending the case, the attorney will try to ensure the driver keeps their license. Once the prosecution gives their case, the attorney may try to reduce it to reckless driving. This carries a lower penalty and the driver can keep their license.

These are the questions to ask when looking for a DUI Law Attorney in Kutztown PA. Visit us websiteand other attorneys to get answers to these questions.

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