A Defective Product Injuries Attorney in Beaver Dam, WI Helps Victims Recover Damages

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In a product defect lawsuit, it’s possible for multiple parties to share blame for a plaintiff’s injuries. Consumer products pass through a distribution chain from the manufacturer to the end user and, as they pass down the line, it is possible for defects to develop. The chain can be broken if a product is sold secondhand in a gray-market transaction.

Suing Parties in the Distribution Chain

In product liability lawsuits, more than one party may be to blame for a victim’s injuries. Potential at-fault parties include those listed below.

  *     Manufacturers: These parties are responsible for the creation, design, and manufacturing of products. In most cases, the manufacturer can be held responsible for products that had defects at the time of creation. They can also be held liable for design flaws that present a danger to consumers.

  *     Retailers: These are usually the owners of retail locations, and they can be held responsible if they knowingly sell defective products or don’t remove recalled products from inventory. A victim does not have to be the buyer or user of a product to hold the retailer responsible.

  *     Wholesalers: Between retailers and manufacturers, products often change hands through middlemen. For instance, products may be shipped to warehouses where a distributor ships them to retailers.

In this way, it’s possible for multiple parties to face a product liability lawsuit. Proving causation in such an incident is complex, and it usually requires the help of industry witnesses and a Defective Product Injuries Attorney in Beaver Dam WI.

Division of Liability

Apportionment of liability in personal injury and defective product claims depends on state law. For instance, some jurisdictions allow individual defendants to pay only the percentage of damages for which they are deemed liable. In other cases, the defendants must determine each party’s share of liability. Regardless of division, there’s no effect on the amount received by the victim.
Does a Victim Need an Attorney for a Defective Product Claim?

The distribution chain in a product defect case is an important factor in an injury claim. It’s often difficult to determine which parties are responsible for the defect. Therefore, the victim may want to Visit the website to speak to a Defective Product Injuries Attorney in Beaver Dam WI if they’ve suffered harm because of a defective product. A lawyer can help a person determine which party is responsible for their losses.

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