A Divorce Law Lawyer in Blue Springs, MO Assists When There Are Major Financial Concerns

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Financial issues can cause serious problems in a marriage and even lead to divorce. A person who has had enough of the constant stress and wants to start fresh may contact a Divorce Law Lawyer in Blue Springs MO for assistance. Professional legal counsel is important for dividing up combined debt and figuring out whether any of the obligations belong to one spouse and not the other.

Child Support

A Divorce Law Lawyer in Blue Springs MO can explain the complex regulations for divorce and handling outstanding debts. For example, the spouse who does not have physical custody of the children may be required to pay child support. Virtually nothing allows that person to legally avoid making those payments. If the person loses a job, the court’s expectation is that another job will be obtained swiftly or that support comes from unemployment compensation. Even if he or she files bankruptcy, support obligations still stand.

Ending Shared Credit

The spouse must make sure that there are no longer any shared credit accounts. Lawyers can help. The client wants to avoid being responsible for any debt the other spouse runs up before the divorce is final. This is crucial when the other spouse is irresponsible about finances or feels vindictive about the divorce.

Costs of the Divorce

In regard to a tough financial situation, it’s important to consider the costs of the divorce process as well. The most expensive option is for the spouses to bring their disagreements to court and let a judge make decisions for them about the division of assets, child custody, spousal support, and other matters. It’s much less costly to settle any disputes during collaborative or mediation sessions that can be arranged through a firm such as Dana Outlaw Law Office.

Legal Representation

One lawyer cannot represent both spouses, but two lawyers are not always necessary. If the situation is more amicable and the couple has come to agreements about how to divide assets and debt and how they want to handle child custody, one spouse may opt to go without professional legal representation. To learn more about one particular law firm, see visit us website.

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