Reviewing Injuries with a Construction Injury Lawyer in Queens County, NY

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Lawyers

In New York, all construction companies are required by law to follow specific safety regulations. These regulations lower the chances of a construction-related accident. The safety regulations apply to the workers as well as any visitors that enter the workspace. A construction injury lawyer in Queens County, NY assists injured victims of a company’s failure to comply with the regulations.

Falling from Scaffolding or Buildings

Workers who are traveling across scaffolding or buildings at higher-than-average heights require safety apparatuses. Cabling and harnesses are needed to prevent workers from falling to their death or sustaining serious injuries. A construction company that doesn’t provide adequate cabling and harnesses for the workers is at fault for the worker’s injuries.

Injuries Related to Collapsing Trenches

Trenches require additional measures to prevent workers from falling and suffocating. The foreman must mitigate risks associated with the stability of trenches when workers are present. Failure to keep the workers safe leads to serious liabilities that also go beyond workers’ compensation benefits.

Electric Shock and Arc Flashes

In electrical and magnetic fields, it is necessary for the company to complete assessments related to electric shock. When constructing the environments, it is necessary for construction companies to review the environment to mitigate the risk of electric shock and arc flashes. An arc flash produces burns that extend through muscles and skin in seconds. A small percentage of the events lead to immediate fatalities.

Injuries Related to Protective Gear

Protective gear in construction projects includes but is not limited to hard hats, harnesses, protective clothing, and adequate footwear. After an accident, OSHA reviews the protective gear provided to the injured worker. If the company owner didn’t provide adequate gear to protect workers from known risks within the work environment, a liability exists.

In New York, all construction companies follow state and federal regulations that identify known risks. These regulations outline all requirements for the company when keeping workers safe. The laws are in place to prevent serious injuries and fatalities. Victims who sustain injuries due to the failures of construction companies can contact a construction injury lawyer in Queens County, NY through the Law Office of Steven R. Smith or visit online now.

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