Calling a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County, MO to Protect Driver’s License

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Lawyers

Every time a person is given a ticket while driving, they receive points on their license if they pay the fine. They also risk their insurance premiums rising because of the ticket and can face a suspended license depending on the number of points they already have or the severity of the ticket. Anyone who receives a ticket while driving may want to speak with a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County MO to get help before paying the fine.

Consequences of Just Paying the Fine

Most people don’t think of the consequences of just paying the fine. They’d rather pay it now and get it all over and done with. Depending on the reason for the ticket, they may not have to worry about a suspended license, especially if they don’t already have points on their license. However, because they have paid the ticket, they’ve pled guilty to the driving infraction and their insurance premiums could rise as a result.

If the person already has points on their license or they are given a ticket for a serious driving infraction, they could risk having a suspended license. This means they will not be able to drive until the suspension is over, which could have a far-reaching impact on their life. Additionally, it’s almost guaranteed their insurance premiums will rise if their license is suspended because of an accumulation of points or a serious infraction on their driving record.

Hiring a Lawyer Can Help

Instead of accepting points on the license, higher insurance premiums, and the possibility of a suspended license, the person has the option of speaking with a lawyer for assistance. The lawyer will take a look at their driving record and the ticket to let them know what could happen if they pay the ticket and what can be done to possibly have the ticket dismissed or lowered to one that doesn’t require as many points or isn’t as expensive.

If you’ve received a traffic ticket and you’d like to help to fight the ticket to avoid points, higher insurance premiums, or the risk of a suspended license, make sure you contact a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County MO right away. Visit the Wegmann Law Firm now to find an attorney who is ready to help you.

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