A Guide to Receiving SSI Benefits in San Antonio, TX

by | Jan 2, 2016 | Lawyer

Regardless of one’s age, if a person is medically disabled and cannot work, they may click here to get more info on Social Security benefits. There are two forms: SSI and SSDI. SSI Benefits in San Antonio TX, are available to elderly or disabled people with low assets and income while SSDI is available to those who are disabled and have a work history. The amount given depends on which program the person qualifies for.

SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance)

To get SSDI, a person must be disabled and they must have enough work credits with the Social Security Administration. The number of required credits depends on the person’s age and the year the disability began. If an application gains approval, the benefit is given as a cash payment based on the person’s earnings record. After receiving disability payments for two years, the person becomes Medicare eligible regardless of age. Those with low incomes may be eligible for Medicaid.


The Supplemental Security Income program is SSA-administered with assistance from state governments. Benefits and eligibility are determined by location, but applicants must meet the following criteria.

  • They must be over 65 and disabled or blind
  • They must be a US citizen or they must meet strict requirements based on military service, residency, or refugee status
  • Monthly income must be below a certain amount
  • They must have less than $2000 in assets

If the person’s application is accepted, SSI Benefits in San Antonio TX, include a cash payment of $733 per month for one person or $1100 per couple. Federal amounts are adjusted each year depending on the county’s average cost of living. Most jurisdictions give automatic eligibility for food stamps and Medicaid once the application is approved.

How Disability is Defined

An important part of determining benefits eligibility is proving the extent of a disability. A person must have a mental or physical condition that prevents them from holding a job, and the condition must be expected to last a year or result in death. Determination of eligibility is not an exact science, and it leaves room for interpretation. A Social Security disability attorney can help clients plead their cases with the SSA and work to get them the benefits they deserve.

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