A Wrongful Death Lawyer will Carefully Put the Pieces together in a Case

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Lawyers

Proving a wrongful death case takes meticulous work by a wrongful death lawyer. There are very specific rules that must be followed in a wrongful death claim. There are time limits for filing a wrongful death claim in the civil court system. And only certain people are allowed to file a wrongful death case on behalf of a deceased individual. A wrongful death must have been caused by the negligent, criminal, reckless or intentional act of another individual. Failure to exercise reasonable care is a key point to a wrongful death lawsuit. Putting all of the pieces together for a successful lawsuit can only be handled by an experienced lawyer.

A personal injury claim and a wrongful death claim are very similar to one another. The difference between the two is that one includes death. In a wrongful death lawsuit, a criminal charge and conviction does not have to take place to be valid. When a wrongful death occurs, a surviving spouse or child can bring a claim to court on behalf of the deceased individual. If there is no surviving spouse or children, the surviving parents or parent of the deceased can file on their behalf.

There are two separate types of wrongful death claims. The first claim is for monetary damages. This would include an intangible value of the deceased person’s life, such as the amount of wages the person would have made had they lived. The lawsuit should include the loss of companionship and care, which are intangible benefits the person may have provided to the family. The second claim addresses financial losses as a direct result of the person’s death. This could be medical expenses related to their injury or illness, funeral expenses and conscious pain and suffering the person had before passing away. Understanding the various areas of the law can only be interpreted by a wrongful death lawyer. For more information on filing a wrongful death claim with an experienced lawyer, please feel free to visit Website Domain.

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