The Subtle Differences Between a Lawsuit and a Claim with a Personal Injury Attorney Davie FL

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Lawyer

Just about everyone knows that a personal injury is possible everywhere, at least theoretically. Furthermore, everyone seems to know that some injuries are worth compensation and some are just mild injuries that do not cause any long-term harm or damage. The problem comes from the massive middle ground in a personal injury that creates a whole host of complications.

Anyone injured has the right to pursue legal action with a Personal Injury Attorney Davie FL if they so desire. The method they use to pursue action may depend on where they rest on that wide gray line. The injury should be substantial, and the place where it occurred and why it happened also matters.

The injured can make a claim or pursue a lawsuit. The differences are huge. A personal injury claim is seeking a quick settlement and compensation. A lawsuit is pursuing a case in the court of law that could extend for months or more. The subtle differences are a little more revealing.

For one, a personal injury claim is usually under-the-radar. It is used by an attorney in hopes of receiving a quick settlement. It is why many parties cannot announce the amount of the settlement because it could encourage frivolous or illegal maneuvering of the court of law. It also involves a claims adjuster who will oversee the claim and negotiate the terms. That is one subtle difference that changes the way a settlement plays out. The company knows it may be hidden, so they may either undersell or oversell a settlement.

A lawsuit is a public affair. It will inherently complicate the entire matter, and it will require more information. This will include specific medical reports, photos at the scene of the incident, and other points of evidence.

A Personal Injury Attorney Davie FL works in both claims and lawsuits. Visit Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. for more on establishing a personal injury. The office works in this specific law niche, so the team’s efforts are solely dedicated to making viable claims and great lawsuits for their clients. The cases are justified, and the team will only tackle them if they are extremely confident of their success.

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