A Personal Injury Lawyer in Mobile AL Understands Which Damages Should Be Covered by an Insurer

by | May 5, 2016 | Lawyers

One problem when people handle their own personal injury claims with an insurance company is asking for or accepting a settlement that is too low. They may not be entirely clear on what the final amount of their injury-related expenses will be. An experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Mobile AL has a more insightful viewpoint about what constitutes a reasonable settlement in any given situation.

An injured person may understand that it’s important to ask for money that will cover all medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage such as a vehicle that needs substantial repair. However, this individual may not consider all the other aspects that can qualify for financial compensation. It can be difficult to ask for compensation for some of these issues if they involve intangible factors or expected future expenses. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Mobile AL is well-versed in determining a proper compensation amount and knowing effective ways of requesting it.

Modifications to the home may be in order even if the person is not noticeably disabled. Back, knee or hip pain may occur while climbing stairs, for example. The settlement should cover having a ramp installed outside the house and chair lift systems inside if the person needs to get to a second story or to a basement.

Requesting compensation for physical pain and suffering may be reasonable if the person has endured substantial discomfort and is likely to have lingering pain. In addition, lawyers also commonly ask for compensation for aspects such as emotional pain and suffering, post-traumatic stress and psychological turmoil. All of these factors can cause a reduction in quality of life and can create disabling and challenging situations for injured persons. Someone who was seriously hurt in a car accident may be afraid to travel by car now. Flashbacks of the incident and nightmares may occur, leading to anxiety and insomnia. Random flareups of back pain can prevent his individual from doing activities he or she used to enjoy. Contact Gene T. Moore, attorney at law, for a free consultation to learn more about damages that should be covered by an insurance company settlement.

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