A Personal Injury Protection Lawyer in Tampa FL Understands Insurer Requests for an Independent Medical Exam

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Lawyers

A personal injury protection lawyer in Tampa FL can begin representing someone at nearly any time during a case, as long as that individual has not yet accepted a settlement offer from the insurance company. The earlier the lawyer is hired, the better, but more positive outcomes can still be achieved later in the process.

An Independent Medical Exam

The client will likely have many questions for the personal injury protection lawyer in Tampa FL. These questions will continue to crop up until the case is resolved. One example would be how to proceed if the insurance company is demanding an independent medical examination, or IME.

The requirement of an IME is relatively common when the insurance company is attempting to verify whether a claim is valid. The insurer may want to confirm whether the accident definitely caused the injuries and if the extent of the problem is as severe as the person claims. The demand for an IME can occur in many types of cases, including those involving vehicle collisions and construction accident cases.

Preparing for the Appointment

Typically, the person must submit to the exam because otherwise the insurer will view this claimant as uncooperative and perhaps trying to hide something. A lawyer with an organization such as Florida Advocates can coach the client in how to respond to questions asked by the doctor. It’s best to limit answers to “yes” or “no” to prevent inadvertently saying something that weakens the case. The person should bring along any relevant medical records related to the accident. Visit us website to schedule a consultation.

A Second IME

Sometimes a second IME is required, adding to the frustration of the injured person. It may seem like the insurer is simply using stalling tactics, trying to get the individual to accept the current settlement offer that seems too low. However, it’s more likely that the insurance company hopes that another IME will result in the finding that the person has reached maximum medical improvement. This could be a disagreement with the person’s own physician, who is recommending waiting because more medical expenses and lost wages could ensue.

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