What Can You Achieve with a Wills Attorney in Redlands, CA?

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Lawyers

In California, estate owners can create a will for dividing their assets among their family members. In them, estate owners can add any stipulations they prefer to protect their assets for their families. Some stipulations lower the chances of a dispute among the family members. A wills attorney in Redlands, CA helps estate owners address all elements of their will.

Setting Up New Ownership Assignments

The estate owner identifies the new owner of all their assets through their will. An attorney helps the heirs when they are assigned ownership of assets that require deeds or titles. Attorneys have connections with title companies who create new documents for new owners.

Reviewing Funeral Arrangements

Estate owners can include funeral arrangements preferences in their wills or connecting documents. Funeral homes allow anyone to prepay for their funeral expenses and make their owner arrangements. The process takes the stress off the family and allows them to grieve peacefully without having to worry about anything else. The estate owner includes details about any preplanned funeral arrangements and informs the executor about the plans.

Stipulations for Minor Heirs

Parents who have minor children can create plans for their children in the event that they die before the children become adults. A new guardian is identified in the plans, and stipulations are outlined. When minor heirs inherit wealth or assets, it is necessary to create a plan to protect their assets. The stipulations prevent the new guardian from using or selling the assets for capital gains.

Identifying an Executor of the Estate

The executor of the estate will read the will to the family members and provide documents for the assets the beneficiaries receive. It is the executor’s job to ensure that the estate goes through probate as expected, and all family members receive their inheritance as stipulated in the will.

In California, estate owners create a will to distribute their wealth and manage their estate. In estate planning, the will is the first document that serves as a line of defense against the probate process. In the will, the estate owner adds stipulations for specific assets to lower risks for their families. Estate owners who want to learn more about the process can contact a wills attorney in Redlands, CA through Betty Auton-Beck Professional Law Corporation right now.

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