Advantages and Disadvantages of a Car Accident Attorney in Grand Haven to Settle a Case Out of Court

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Attorneys

Each claim that involves any type of car accident is different. Based on the details of the case, there will create a plan of action. The attorney will first evaluate the situation and determine if it can be settled out of court or if it needs to go before the judge. There are both pros and cons to settling a case outside of the courtroom, which are highlighted here.

Pro: Reduce Stress and Burden

Rather than having to stand in front of a bunch of strangers and be available for appearance after appearance, settling a car accident case outside of court will eliminate this need. This will reduce the burden and stress of the situation.

Con: May Have to Settle for Less Money

In most cases, if a settlement is reached outside of the courtroom, the victim is accepting less than the case may actually be worth. It is important to discuss this with the Car Accident Attorney in Grand Haven to determine if this is a smart option. However, if the case goes to court and is unsuccessful, then the victim will not receive anything and be stuck paying court costs.

Pro: The Certainty that a Settlement is Going to be Paid

If the car accident case goes to trial, the defendants of the case will have the ability to avoid some payments. This is similar to if the person were to declare bankruptcy. With a settlement reached outside of court, the victim will have a higher likelihood of collecting the money they deserve.

Con: No Considerations for Punitive Damages

There is the chance a victim may not be able to receive punitive damages. These include things such as their emotional suffering. This is because they are often not taken into consideration when settling outside of the courtroom.

And is essential to ensure the maximum amount of compensation is received. Failure to take the advantages and disadvantages into account may result in a less than ideal outcome. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to help their client determine the right option for their needs and their unique case.

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