When should Families Consult a Brain Injury Attorney?

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Lawyer

There are over 5 million Americans currently living with a traumatic brain injury. Young children and the elderly are the most at risk for this type of injury, but it can happen to anyone, at any time. There are multiple ways in which these events occur, but slips and falls and car accidents cause almost half of all traumatic brain injuries.

A brain injury attorney should be sought out whenever this type of incident happens. Many people will be too focused on attending to their injured loved one, not to mention frightened, to think about the future expenses they will face, but this must be considered. Nearly half of all people who receive a brain injury will experience permanent damage and will need continued medical care.

There is no definitive way to calculate exactly what a brain injury will cost a family. There are estimates that show that even a mild injury can generate as much as $85,000 in expenses between medical costs, rehabilitation and loss of work. For those who experience a severe injury, the expense is often $500,000 or more. These totals are just for the financial losses and do not consider the personal losses like the inability to take care of themselves, memory loss and the inability to live out the dreams they once had.

A brain injury attorney cannot help to return those things either, but they can help families with the financial burden they experience. This assistance makes it possible for people to concentrate on providing care to their loved one without the fear of losing a home or not being able to afford the therapy or medication someone needs.

If a brain injury was received at work or through the careless actions of someone else, help is available. A consultation will determine if there is enough evidence to prove that the accident was avoidable. If so, the attorney will do everything possible to make certain their client gets the help they need. Make an appointment as soon as possible so your loved one can get the help he or she deserves.

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